Monday, August 1, 2011


Rings : flea market 
Vintage top : 313 somerset
High waisted ripped shorts : flea market (shown here before)
Shoes : Cotton On

Poor quality in photo 3, just posting it up to let you guys see the shop I was in indulging in the ridiculously rich dark chocolate cake which cost quite a lot as compared to a normal chocolate cake.
Ann Siang is one of my fav place to visit as there are unexpected vintage stuff ;)) Plus a plus point for photography! Was rushing for time so didn't manage to take photos at other areas. Well, will do another day ;))

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


 Chunky necklace : local blogshop
Spag top : Cotton On
Tribal Shorts : local blogshop
Flatforms : local blogshop

Recent haircut and hair colour..what you think?
Dyed Reddish-Brown colour but then the red kind of fade away easily just after 2 weeks. Crap.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Source taken from Song of Style 

I have been trying to find a nice pleated dress but then I've never come across this awesome orange piece ! Or maybe it just look ridiculously nice on her...hmmm..

Monday, July 11, 2011


Sources taken from Shentonista 

I just found out about this Shenton Way's streetstyle blog through a local magazine, 8 Days.
Shenton Way is one of Singapore's busiest hub - the central business district. 
 Instead of boring plain-white-shirt-black-pants-combo, people who dressed differently are pictured flamboyantly in this blog. Perhaps this blog is not entirely for people who worked there, whom are businessmen/women, lawyers, salesperson, etc, there are also passerbys, tourists, etc. Be surprised at the people who are seen flocking around Shenton Way with their own fashion sense. Though I know in future I will not be working around there, I will personally make a trip down there someday for some camera flashing!
Enjoy ;)

Monday, July 4, 2011


1. Imma out of job.
2. Sick, again.
3. Sipping water from my Marie the Cat mug.
4. Listening to "I love Sabrina" Acoustic songs.
5. Browsing through fashion blogs.
6. Just, slack~

Something to share ~ found it at my net's bookmarked list, hmm...2 years ago?
Enjoy the art ;)

Source taken from Hypebeast 

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Cross Necklace: F21
Rings: Flea market
Belt: Far east plaza
Shades: Isetan
Spag top: Cotton On
Leopard print skirt: Far east plaza
Flatforms: Far east plaza
Bag: Longchamp

It was off day from work and due to procrastination, I've finally step foot into Haji lane once again~ My fav place to shop, well stop over at PLUCK for ice-cream too ;)

Flatforms are getting their way into Singapore street style and yeaa~ I'm so going to own some!
Ordered a JEFFERY CAMPBELL CLARK inspired flatforms online. Can't wait for it to arrive sooooooon!!!!! Shall blog about it!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


New loots that I wore out today to meet an ex-colleague ;)
Didn't bother to do something to my hair though ;p

Cross ring: from local blogshop
Cross necklace: F21
Belt: Far east plaza
Nude poka dots top: City plaza
Black maxi skirt: Haji lane
Flatforms: Far east plaza

Top, skirt and shoes are newly bought items FTW
Something about the skirt that made me want them soooo much.
It differs from Slit skirts if you notice it carefully ;) LOVE IT!
I actually did think thrice about getting the flatforms because to me it don't look nice from the front, but looking awesomely at the side. Don't ya think so?
I went in and out the shop for like 3 days before deciding to get it. FICKLE RIGHT?

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Source taken from plussixfive 

I'm gonna grab this cute baby when my pay comes.
Perfect for the summer look!
More shoes available at Rockstar .

Hmm, maybe I should do a preview of my shoes collection some day ;))

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I'm a SUPA fan of shorts. I actually do have more shorts than what I have here, but just that these are the most frequent ones that I would always wear ;) so I've decided to write a post about my fav shorts ^.^

 My Cotton On's shorts. DAMN COMFY. Great for school-lazy-days.
Pair up with slippers for the lazy-look to school!

High-waisted Ripped shorts.

 The best fitted and lovable shorts. I can just wear this everyday with ANYTHING!

 Bought this from a flea market and was still thinking whether this was supposedly ripped by the previous owner, or it was already just ripped-off. Well, fitted so well on me though ^.^

 This yellow floral shorts is SUPERR high-waisted and SUPERRR tight.
But because it's YELLOW (my fav colour btw) and it's just the purrrfect fit for me~

Bought this from an online store and surprisingly fitted so well on me just that the opening at the bottom is a bit big.
But the waist line fitted me sooooo HACK!
It's really very hard to find shorts that will fit me well. Whenever I buy any online, I would have to give it away because it ALWAYS never fitted me cus it's way toooooo BIG. But the models who wore them are like the fitting leh~
I think it's just me. My legs and waist just don't tally.

So how do you actually ripped your long jeans into shorts and having the frills falling out?
Just like my best fitted high-waisted ripped shorts I've shown above.
Anybody knows how?
A pic of me wearing my ripped shorts a year ago.
Frills are lesser back than as compared to now.

According to a friend, after cutting to the suitable length that I wanted of my jeans, get a sand paper and rub against the tip of the fabric so the frills would gradually fall out.
Well, I've never tried before because all my ripped shorts are already ripped by their previous owners so yep! I should go around and find one suitable old jeans and ripped it by myself!
Suggestions please leave comments ;)) Thankss!